Open Cell Spray Foam from Rooflok

Reduce heat lost and cut your energy bills

What is Open Cell Spray Foam?

Open Cell Spray Foam is a soft flexible foam insulation and air barrier system that gives up to 50% energy saving over conventional insulation when installed in your home. It’s sprayed as a liquid, and the open cell spray foam expands to 100 times its initial volume in seconds, filling every nook and cranny, penetrating into your walls, ceilings and floors.

Whether you plan to build, renovate or upgrade, the open cell spray foam will deliver the performance you can count on, for a lifetime of savings and comfort.

It’s healthier for you.
Open Cell Spray high-performance a high performance fabric because it is a breathable material, just like outdoor sportswear, and it is windproof and resists water. Thanks to its air sealing capabilities, the open cell spray foam minimises both airflow and moisture build-up to help maintain a warm and dry building envelope, resulting in a healthier, longer lasting home.

Open Cell Spray Foam is also a completely Green product and helps to improve indoor air quality and is the insulation of choice for many of the new housing developments to help inhabitants breathe more easily.

Green Credentials
The Open Cell Spray Foam is 100% water blown and does not contain any ozone depleting synthetic blowing agents like CFC’s, HCFC’s, HFC’s, HFA’s or harmful flame retardants like PBDE’s.

It keeps your house quieter.
Open Cell Spray Foam significantly minimises unwanted airborne sound, creating a much more peaceful and enjoyable living space. Open Cell Spray Foam ensures maximum peace and quiet by completely filling and sealing all the building elements like walls and floors.

It’s More Energy Efficient.
We’ve mentioned this above – but it’s so good we have to again!

Using Open Cell Spray Foam insulation is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency and thermal comfort. As a complete insulation and air barrier, it minimises air leakage which allows for the correct sizing of heating and cooling equipment. This provides dramatic savings on the initial cost of such equipment and ongoing utility costs.

The Open Cell Spray Foam Advantage

Open Cell Spray Foam helps create a barrier system in wall cavities and can fill an existing cavity wall or block wall assembly. This particular method allows an existing cavity wall to be insulated without the removal of the internal parts of the walls, providing a barrier of air at the same time as providing insulation of the wall with minimal impact to the wall cavity.

The advantage of this is reducing labour, time and the expenses of removing and replacing the existing interior face of the wall. In block wall assemblies Open Cell Spray Foam may be used to fill the interior cavities of the block to supply insulation and vastly reduce the air leakag, thus reducing the heat transfer of the assembly.

Open Cell Spray Foam’s Key Benefits

  • Can save up to 50% on your heating bills
  • Insulation and air barrier in one application
  • 100% water blown technology
  • Allows the building to breathe
  • Easily insulates hard to reach places
  • Adheres to most surfaces
  • Compatible with electrical and plumbing runs
  • Seals gaps, cracks and service runs
  • No air infiltration (huge reduction in heat loss)
  • No cold bridging
  • Global warming potential = 1
  • Contributes greatly to sound proofing your home
  • Contains no harmful agents or emissions
  • BBA (British Board of Agreement)
  • ETA (European Technical Approval)
  • CE Mark Approval
  • NHBC compliant

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