What We Do at Rooflok

We offer a variety of services

Free roof overhaul and MOT

Want to know how healthy your roof is? Look no further than Rooflok!
Before any work is started we will always carry out a complete survey of your roof to check its condition and identify any damaged areas before the foam is applied  – we call this your roofs MOT. We will check flashing, pointing, tiles, insulation and overall structure and condition. We clearly explain any potential problems and areas that need attention at this initial survey to give you the peace of mind that everything has been covered.

Velux Roof Windows

Looking to gain some extra space? We can also supply and fit a stunning Velux window to complete a new loft space or extension. With Velux, you can be certain that your cold and damp loft space will be transformed into a warm, dry, condensation free, clean, usable room for an office, playroom, bedroom or just clean storage area for your valuables.

If you’ve got a space that needs a Velux window, get in touch and we’ll discuss your requirements.

Spray Foam Insulation

Domestic use: With over 27 years experience in roof renovation and repair, we are experts in the application of polyurethane spray foam insulation. By applying a cellular spray material to your roof you will benefit from high energy saving and superior bonding properties. Its exceptional thermal qualities mean that heat loss can be reduced by approximately 80%, plus it’s cheaper than re-roofing, lasts longer and the treatment is usually applied within one day!

Marine, Industrial, Agricultural use: It’s not just for domestic use though… this system is extremely versatile and can be used on all sorts of applications whether domestic, marine, agricultural or industrial. For many years now polyurethane has been specified for many different applications in the marine industry due to its unique ability to be tailored to the project. Whether PU foam is needed to insulate the cabin of a narrow boat, reduce cooling costs for cold stores on fishing vessels, provide buoyancy for pontoons and buoys or any other application, Rooflok can supply a suitable polyurethane system and any advice required. Along with many other benefits, polyurethane foam can provide an ideal solution to insulate and prevent condensation in narrow boats, wide beam boats, Dutch barges, cruisers and virtually any other form of marine craft.

When building or fully renovating a narrow boat, one of the most important factors to consider is the insulation. As a narrow boat?It’s life is generally spent sat in relatively cold water, and the boat occupants want to feel warm and comfortable inside. Insulation plays a key part in the overall function not only of keeping the boat warm but also preventing any condensation forming on the colder steel hull.


Spray foam polyurethane insulation is widely used to eliminate and prevent condensation problems on metal roofs, metal walls, asbestos and fibre cement roofs and walls.

As the Rooflok foam is spray applied it will provide a monolithic layer of thermal insulation, which is adhered directly to the surface of the substrate. This works far better than simply using boards or quilts, which inherently have distance between the insulation and the substrate when used on profiled sheeting. Spray foam can solve these problems quickly and easily, with the minimum of mess and disruption for you.

Our foam is spray applied directly to the surface, which provides a complete layer of insulation, even on profile sheets and behind metal trusses. When the interior surface of the metal is insulated, the colder temperature of the exterior surface is kept away from the interior and the moisture of the roof is transferred to the outside, solving your condensation problems.

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