Industrial & commercial

We are experts in Commercial & Industrial insulation

Here at RoofLok, we are experts in Commercial & Industrial insulation. With our bespoke Rooflok technology, we are best positioned to protect your business by preventing condensation with our specialist spray insulation and spray insulation foam. We can provide and install all types of thermal insulation and protection for pipework and fittings, vessels, boilers, ventilation ductwork systems in high or low temperature services.

We understand that saving on energy usage is just as, or even more, important for businesses as well as domestic homeowners. In many cases, the energy efficiency measures Rooflok can install provide huge changes to your business bills and monthly costs. Our insulation will result in savings to your energy bills and a reduction in your overall carbon footprint, year on year. Our spray insulation and foam will also prevent condensation in your business building, and provide a more comfortable working experience for all of your staff.

We are able to conduct maintenance on your existing Industrial insulation, make improvements to existing insulation or install entirely new industrial insulation for your business.

We ensure that we put our clients at the heart of everything we do – whether they are an individual homeowner, a business, a private landlord, a housing association or local authority. We undertake each project with the same high standards, and now have a core group of clients who will come back to Rooflok for their insulation needs time and time again.

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